COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates- Emperor’s Clothes Part II

Aditi Bhargava
6 min readJan 26, 2022

LA Times reported that California is asking its sick, vaccinated medical workers to return to work. “As hospitals reel, California tells coronavirus-positive medical workers to stay on the job”, the headline reads. This is not only hypocritical, but outright dangerous. The hospitals, not just in California, but nation-wide as well as in other countries have fired their healthy, unvaccinated staff. These people were willing to get tested regularly, yet that option was taken away. Never mind that the same people risked their lives before the vaccines to care for the sick, never mind that these people are not “uneducated” and can understand the science behind vaccines. Never mind that these people have seen the effect of COVID firsthand. These people made the decision not to get vaccinated, not as “uneducated” or socially irresponsible people, but as educated and genuinely concerned about the safety of these vaccines on larger and more vulnerable population. They didn’t give in to fear, have been suffering in silence. Thanks to the one-sided, often offensive, and loud Op-ed published by the mainstream media, especially the LA Times, we now have created yet another class system- the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Without endorsing COVID-19 vaccines, there is no hope of getting any opinion published in these newspapers, and yet they call themselves just, fair, and open-minded.

The mandate stance is even more laughable given that LA Times also published that vaccinated or not, we all will eventually get COVID.

The Vaccine Divide- A New Guilt-free Way to Discriminate

Other essential workers in the public sector have also been fired. Interestingly, even if you are employed at a place that has granted a person vaccine exemption, that holds no value if the person has to go and work in any building in San Francisco, despite testing negative and being healthy. The firing of talented, dedicated, healthy unvaccinated people is unethical. The vaccine enthusiasts seem to forget that in the past, they have often been pro-choice, but now are unwilling to grant the same choice to the people declining vaccines. A vast majority of the people who have declined to be vaccinated are well-read, informed and have the mental acumen to make informed decisions; some are…

Aditi Bhargava

Dr. Aditi Bhargava is a molecular neuroendocrinologist with research focus on sex differences in stress biology and immunology.