Ms. Waller, your fear is understandable and fear breeds many emotions. Thank you for reading my article; I hope you went over all the peer-reviewed references hyperlinked. Dangerous is half-baked knowledge and consuming science in sound bites and press releases. You ask a valid questions. If I had access to the data or the medical records to analyze cause of death, I would talk about it. In one of my blogs, I posted a table from clinical trial data published for mRNA vaccine in NEJM and as they have stated, they did not see any difference in all-cause mortality between the vaccinated and placebo groups.

By simply changing the definition of "fully vaccinated" or vaccines itself, we cannot fool ourselves. CDC first estimated that Omicron variant would be the predominant one and then dropped that number from 73% to 23%! On what data? In just a few days? First, that number was inflated and a guess and second, all it achieved was spreading more fear. Why is that not misinformation and dangerous? I am proud of refuting all the misinformation and data misinterpretation. Please provide hard facts about what misinformation I have given.

Best wishes.

Dr. Aditi Bhargava is a molecular neuroendocrinologist with research focus on sex differences in stress biology and immunology.